The Control Group Litigation

Update December 6, 2022
Case closed

Federal Case Outcome

Rather than atone for Jacobson v. Massachusetts, on October 3, 2022 the US Supreme Court denied The Control Group’s petition for writ of certiorari. And on December 5, 2022 the Court denied rehearing. So this health freedom case is now closed, because four Supreme Court Justices were unwilling to come together to hear our case to provide a civil remedy for the American people against Big Pharma and government vaccine mandates.

We are disappointed the Federal courts completely ignored our unvaccinated control group’s statistically verified evidence (presented with above 99% confidence) that unvaccinated Americans are over 1,200% healthier than vaccinated Americans. As CDC schedule vaccines cause over 90% of chronic illness today in vaccinated people, and as courts turn their backs on the unvaccinated, where can the American people turn for the enforcement of basic rights? How much longer will human sacrifice be “legal” so long as the weapon is a vaccine… 

Our mathematical proofs are verified: vaccinations are destroying our country. History will vindicate us. The government has only harmed itself by denying rather than atoning.

Practical Solutions and Next Steps

Until there is a great awakening and systemic clearance of Big Pharma’s domination in Washington DC, the American people cannot realistically expect comprehensive relief for health freedom against vaccine mandates. Rather, targeted/narrow lawsuits (i.e., RFRA statutory cases re denials of religious exemptions) will continue to be the ones that gain ground with favorable federal court orders in the current climate. In other words, here are the primary remedies for the unvaccinated today:

  • Legal. Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (RFRA) statutes at the federal and state level, and similar such as Title VII
  • Geographical. Relocate to conservative states that respect health freedom
  • Political. Vote conservative (example: recent poll shows the majority of people are opposed to a mandated CDC schedule). The Democrat party is largely responsible for vaccine mandates across the country (proof); vote them out.
  • Self-help. Homeschooling, Christian schools, enrichment programs, businesses and organizations that respect health freedom.

Share The Evidence

Share Joy Garner’s peer-reviewed study proving the unvaccinated are exponentially healthier.

Share our video proving the unvaccinated are exponentially healthier.

Share our case documents proving the unvaccinated are exponentially healthier:

Case Documents

Click the image to view our many graphs proving the unvaccinated control group is exponentially healthier than the vaccinated.
Click the image to view our many graphs proving the very high correlation between rising national disease rates and the growing CDC Vaccination Schedule.
Click the image to view our informational graphic (a demonstrative evidence exhibit) featuring some highlights from our Request for Judicial Notice #2 (“Vaccines are Dangerous”).
Click the image for our informational graphic (a demonstrative evidence exhibit) featuring some highlights from our Request for Judicial Notice #1 (“Health Crisis in America”).
Click the image for our informational graphic (a demonstrative evidence exhibit) featuring some highlights from our Request for Judicial Notice #3 (“Vaccines Are Made In Communist China”).
Click the image for our many graphs showing that
the national decline in mortality occurred before vaccination.
Click the image to read our Request for Judicial Notice #1 covering the national health pandemic and its connection to the immune system.
Statistics Report Showing Vaccine Injury Correlation and Causation

Petitioner Joy Garner’s Survey Reports (Filings January 2021)

  1. Survey Summary Report
  2. Survey Full Report (Updated February 2021)
  3. National Security Report

All Court Documents Filed

A. District Court — First Amended Verified Petition (filed January 25, 2021)

B. District Court — Request for Judicial Notice (Filings December 2020)

  1. Motion for Judicial Notice, with Memorandum of Points and Authorities
  2. Appendix One (detailing the national health pandemic of chronic illness)
  3. Appendix Two (detailing that vaccines are dangerous)
  4. Appendix Three (detailing the foreign supply of vaccines)
  5. Appendix Index
  6. Exhibits: Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
  7. Proposed Order

C. District Court — Motion for Preliminary Injunction (Filings December 2020)

  1. Notice of Motion
  2. Amended Notice of Motion
  3. Memorandum of Points and Authorities
  4. Expert Declarations: Dr. Pebsworth, Dr. Kimmel, Dr. Hulstedt, Dr. West, Dr. Hoang
  5. Petitioner Joy Garner Declaration
  6. Proposed Orders: Option One, Two, Three

D. District Court — Government’s Opposition Papers (Filings February 2021)

  1. Motion to Dismiss
  2. Objection to Evidence
  3. Opposition to Preliminary Injunction

E. District Court — Petitioner’s Response Papers (Filings February 2021)

  1. Opposition to Motion to Dismiss
  2. Statistics Report Showing Vaccine Injury Correlation and Causation, and Supporting Declaration
  3. Mathematics Report (Special Briefing) Showing Zero Risk of Being Unvaccinated
  4. Updated Garner Declaration
  5. Reply Brief re Preliminary Injunction
  6. Response to Objections to Evidence

F. District Court — Dismissal (February 2021)

  1. Court Order

G. 9th Circuit Appeals Court — Writ (April 2021 to May 2021)

  1. Appellate Brief
  2. Court Order

H. United States Supreme CourtWrit (August 2021 to November 2021)

  1. Appellate Brief
  2. Solicitor General Response
  3. Supporting Amicus Brief
  4. Court Order

I. 9th Circuit Appeals Court — Regular Appeal (July 2021 to February 2022)

  1. Appellate Brief
  2. Opposition Brief
  3. Reply Brief
  4. Motion for Recognition of Unvaccinated Lawyer
  5. Court calendaring order
  6. Plaintiffs’ supplemental authorities letter
  7. Defendant’s supplemental authorities letter
  8. Motion to Disqualify Judge
  9. Court order of judicial recusal
  10. Court order requesting additional briefing
  11. Court order declining oral argument
  12. DOJ Supplemental Briefing and Supplemental Excerpts of Record
  13. Plaintiffs’ Supplemental Briefing
  14. Court Order affirming dismissal

J. District Court — Motion to Vacate Dismissal and Disqualify Judge (January 2022 to February 2022)

  1. Motion
  2. Declaration of Counsel; Declaration of Petitioner
  3. Proposed Order
  4. DOJ’s Opposition
  5. Court Order recusing judge and vacating dismissal

K. U.S. Supreme Court — Petition for Writ of Certiorari (May 2022 to December 2022)

  1. Petition for Writ of Certiorari
  2. Supporting Amicus Brief from Children’s Health Defense
  3. Supporting Amicus Brief from Foundation for Moral Law
  4. DOJ’s Waiver of Response
  5. Supporting Amicus Brief of Institute for Health Research
  6. Court’s Denial of Petition
  7. Petition for Rehearing
  8. Motion for Review and Disqualification and Garner Declaration in Support
  9. Court’s Denial of Rehearing

Litigation History

Health Freedom Litigators
Greg Glaser & Ray Flores
Meet the Lead Plaintiffs
3 Generations of Garners

Read Joy Garner’s survey reports here:
Summary Report, Full Report, National Security Report.

Overview: The lower court refused to allow the case to proceed to an evidentiary stage definitively proving vaccines are decimating the American population. The DOJ’s strongest argument they could muster is that the scientific evidence proving the American population is being decimated by vaccines would embarrass the political elite in Washington DC. Here is the DOJ’s exact quote, “any suggestion from a court that vaccines are not safe would cause ’embarrassment from multifarious pronouncements by various departments on one question.'” Opposition Brief, page 16, line 11.

Detail: In February 2021 the lower court dismissed our case on the grounds of standing (i.e., saying we can’t sue the President for the constitutional violations alleged, but rather should sue someone else). One year later, the judge reversed the dismissal order (after plaintiffs pointed out the judge owned approximately $500,000 in vaccine manufacturer stock). But the 9th Circuit appellate court and US Supreme Court declined to allow the case to move forward, claiming the President cannot be held responsible for vaccine mandates.  

The President, as chief executive, manages multiple departments handling vaccines and their distribution (such as HHS, US Military, Department of Education, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice).  The courts dismissed the entire case without the government ever producing a single expert or any evidence whatsoever. The defense simply argued that the President cannot be held responsible for vaccine mandates by States.  Plaintiffs strongly disagreed, because the President is vigorously involved in mandates. The evidence shows the President manages the following across multiple departments:

  • designing and producing vaccines that are mandated 
  • approving vaccines that are mandated 
  • purchasing vaccines that are mandated
  • promoting vaccines that are mandated, and promoting the policy of mandates
  • distributing vaccines that are mandated
  • tracking vaccine injuries from mandated vaccines
  • litigating vaccine injury cases from mandated vaccines
  • setting regulations for interstate infectious disease control regarding mandated vaccines 
  • funding health departments to enforce mandates using police powers 
  • enforcing vaccine mandates on Federal properties and for Federally funded activities

75 thoughts on “The Control Group Litigation

  1. Thank you so much for what you are doing. You are an angel and I appreciate all your help. My name is Olga Porter and last year you guided me on what to say to the hospital staff when my baby was born so that they didn’t harass us about the vaccines and everything went well, I am so glad I found you. It’s nice to have a like minded attorney on your side

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for inviting me to view these documents. Thank you for running against this big beast. I am not sure how long this will take, or what, but may GOD be with you and give you wisdom and strength.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Hi Greg,
    I am so proud of you for the hard work you are doing to save our freedom of choice in our own health. I commend you for your time and knowledge that has helped me and so many parents nationwide learn their health rights and advocate for their children against forced vaccinations.I stand with you and the research you have done proves time and time again that vaccines compromise our health and the health of our children. Last year my healthy unvaccinated child took a trip to West Africa and came back the same way she left, Healthy!!! I will pass the word around for people to donate to this cause and support your lawsuit against the federal government. I affirm that you are going to win this case and I thank you for all that you do!!!
    Take Care,
    Dolores O.


  3. Godspeed your lawsuit and may the judges rule favorably. You are arguing on two fundamental principles–1) existing control group data shows vaccines are highly suspect 2) vaccines must be voluntary and conform to standards of informed consent. I don’t see how a judge could avoid the obvious conclusion that vaccines, like every medical procedure must be voluntary


    1. Thank you for standing up to medical tyranny by ensuring that the unvaccinated are not discriminated against and have equal rights to enjoy all the things that the vaccinated have a right to. Thank you for conducting this study and making them disprove that the unvaccinated are healthier. They have always made us try to prove that vaccines caused our children’s injuries and that is how they got away with murder and all of injuries, because we could not prove it. Now, they have the evidence. We have the right to be healthy and to say no to injurious products that do more harm than good.


  4. Truth will prevail! Say No to vaccines – so much evidence out there to show they cause irreversible harm. Check out Andrew Moulden too he was a Dr. who proved the autism / vaccine link.


  5. I wish you luck. I’m on the side that the gov should have to CONVINCE the people that they are ‘things’ and they are ‘owned’ which gives the gov the right to abuse my body and override my right, ‘to be safe and secure within my own ‘being’…’. I am NOT granted those by any ‘being’ or entity on this earth; our gov either recognizes our HUMAN, Individual, and Natural ‘rights’ from birth, or it does not. We should NEVER has a gov that does not recognize this, for, why have a gov if that is not their prime function?

    I’m also against pseudo-science and tyranny.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you so much for all your hard work fighting for our health freedom. When there is a risk, there should be a choice. You’re our hero and I can’t thank you enough. God bless and God bless America!


  7. There should NEVER be a forced vaccination. That should always be up to the parent or individual, ALWAYS!! My body, my choice what goes in it! Freedom of choice! What’s good for one, is not always good for all.


  8. If ruling will be in our favor will this allow unvaccinated children the rights to go back to school in every state? Regardless of the laws like in NY that kicked my kids out?


  9. I have a question… lists Donald Trump as respondent and your court case is in Feb…..what happens if he is no longer president. ?


  10. I’m all for this and wish I was not vaccinated as a child and was more knowledgeable to not have my kids and grandkids vaccinated. Thank you for your work!


  11. Thank you a million times! It’s time to confront them with the TRUTH! It’s time to stop them before it’s too late! The corrupt pharmaceutical cartel is disabling, killing and maiming us while they are liability free! The MEDIA hides and blocks all the truth that we try to inform people of! From the MILLIONS of us and our children that has been vaccine injured or had loved ones die…thank you and God Bless and lead you to victory!❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻


  12. May God put his favor in your case! Let you be the lights to shine for the world to see! For others to follow your example and may our country be great again! You will go down in history as the Davids who have taken down Goliath! Go Get them! Thank you so much!


  13. I want to be sure that the outcome won’t be that we are cancelled out of life because of choosing not to vaccinate. Often they will say that they are not forcing it, but at the same time requiring it to attend school, go to public spaces, get a job, etc. We need it both to be a law requiring consent but also a law protecting this group from discrimination. Our vaccine status should be protected PHI. I should be able to tell the public school system they they cannot have my child’s private vaccine information and that should not stop me from sending them to school.


  14. Now more than ever, we must act as a nation that adheres to Locke’s political genius: government by consent of the governed. It is our obligation to educate ourselves and stand up for our rights. It instills hope in my family to know that we are not alone in this endeavor, just as you and your family are not alone. Thank you.


  15. Greg, I listened to you on Your Health Freedom yesterday and thank you so much for coming out and talking about this on the radio!! This has helped me with more information about how vaccines can really mess with the Human Body. I have also signed the petition and are now letting others know about this. once again thank you!


  16. Amazing, I would love to help in any way I can. I am a former litigation solicitor from the UK and currently work in the NGO field in South Africa. Please reach out if I can support you in any way.


  17. I will only consider the vaccination when there are proven zero long term effects and all indemnity clauses are removed.


  18. I have not had the chance to read through the documents yet, so forgive me if my question(s) are answered in it. Do you go so far as to say that they (government, big pharma, et all) cannot force anyone to take the vaccine in order to get a driver’s license, fly, get a job, etc.? According to attorney Alan Dershowitz the government can do this and that seems to be the push right now.


  19. Thank you so much for doing this. We must have a right to chose what goes into our bodies. I pray for your success on this.


  20. Thank you
    For all your time and hard work..There are alot of people I know that refuse to take the Covid shot including me my mother, granddaughter 14, grandson 17 and many more..I believe it is our god given rights to refuse if we want..
    Thank you god bless


  21. Since this fiasco started (I learned of the virus on January 23, 2020) I have been trying to figure out a way to become legally exempt from being forced to take this vaccine. May the Lord clear the way for his warriors to fight and win in this battle. These are the days that try mens souls, God bless you all!!


  22. There is an error/typo on line 9 of page 2 of the petition.

    It currently reads:

    Centers “of” Disease Control and Prevention

    It should read

    Centers “for” Disease Control and Prevention

    as it does elsewhere in the petition.


  23. Any tax lawyers out there- who can help achieve tax exempt status for this group? For the movement? Is there an already available niche such as “promoting public education”? If chain stores can take our money to “Send Kids to Camp”….which funds their own charitable donations, and tax breaks, with OUR money….surely this can be adapted for the purposes at bar. Keep up the good work.


  24. Thank you so much! My son has autism because of vaccinations he received when he was a baby. He is 18 now, and much better, but he will never be fully recovered! The vaccine industry and big pharma are just evil!


  25. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you and ALL whom you love for the work you are doing. Your Efforts Are Truly RIGHTEOUS!


  26. Thank you!! From the Netherlands. You can change the world with this case. Truth will always find his way. You are angels


  27. God bless you for taking this on. I pray you win and set precedent.
    I had an argument on line with a person saying UnVaxxed/anti Vax people are killing others ( we all know this is BS) but I came back to say why, when your vaccine protects you. His reply- not always they wear out. I let him know then the remedy would be for him to get titers regularly and another vaccine when necessary since he preferred man made immunity vs natural immunity. He had no reply.

    I feel what many are missing is if you choose to vaccinate and you are still afraid then it’s not up to those who want to be healthy to appease your fears. You either need to ask for titers and repeat vaccines or get counseling. Because unvaccinated people are not the issue-your phobia and irrational fear is, and you need to manage that yourself- not put the burden on others.


    1. Vaccinated people shed the very same infectious agents they were recently vaccinated against. Studies show this can go on for months, or even longer, after vaccination. Vaccinated people do NOT “protect” other people. My sister’s husband recently got the Chicom-19 jab and he’s now covered, head to toe, with a blistering, oozing, cracking rash which has migrated into one of his ears, which he is now DEAF in. My sister won’t listen to me, so she’s sleeping in the same bed and now SHE has this rash, even though she wasn’t vaccinated for CV. The doctors are all LYING and saying none of this has anything to do with the jabs, (even though it started within HOURS of the jab) and it will not be reported as a vaccine side effect to ANY reporting system, let alone to VAERS. .


  28. Thank You so much!

    Additional supporting references:
    ICAN Lawsuit vs. CDC (March 5, 2020, Austin, Texas) – CDC failed to produce study that support it’s claim Vaccines do not cause Autism

    Dr Paul Thomas vaccine study: “Relative Incidents of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses along the Axis of Vaccination” (November 22, 2020, International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health)

    Book: Vaccination A Delusion It’s Penal Enforcement a Crime, by Alfred Russel Wallace 1898
    Book: Horrors of Vaccination, by Chas Higgins, 1920
    Book: BeChamp or Pasteur: A Lost Chapter, by Ethel Douglas Thomson 1923
    Book: The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts about Vaccination, by Eleanor McBean 1957


  29. I will not be jabbed with a needle. Period. It is not a so called vaccine. My insurance towards it is non – effective. And I am 90 years old (or young). My God and His immune system for me will suffice.


  30. Please please involve yourself to stop the push for mandatory vaccinations for c19 to our service members! All 3 of my kids are proudly serving. The oldest is 24! I want to cry!!!!


  31. Just heard you on the John B Wells show Greg. Great job there and this is site offers up the most fact based, powerfully convincing evidence demonstrating the obvious correlation between the vaccines and the pathetic state of our children’s health (not to mention the adult population). I think the rollout of these mRNA shots represents the first few nails to be driven in their proposed transhumanist coffin. No, you’re not going to live forever, these technocrats playing (G) god are hoping for that outcome for themselves. For the rest of us, it’s all about eugenics for most and control of those who survive. These jabs with their Nano components may well be designed to work synergistically with the Nano contaminants (which we ALL have breathed in) from the now decades long geo- engineering (think Morgellons). The added 5G with frequencies fine tuned for mass destruction will attempt to finish the job. Lucifer’s end game is to destroy as much of God’s creation as possible. He knows his time is short so what better way to corrupt the very essence of humanity, our very DNA. No to the shot! No to tyranny! Yes to God and yes freedom!!


  32. I want to help. I avoided vaccines for my boys until they were 3and 4 years old when i succumbed to “peer pressure “. They received their first infant at at age.
    I then wittnessed their immune systems tank. I stopped further harm to my boys immediately. Please contact me in ways that I can offer support. I am somewhat limited in funds but will give what I can to support your heroic efforts.


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