Greg Glaser (Primary Litigator):  Greg is a Christian lawyer with several years of litigation experience in Northern California.  Greg currently serves as General Counsel for the national nonprofit organization Physicians for Informed Consent.  This picture is of Greg in March 2019 lecturing to physicians at a private medical conference where he presented with Toni Bark MD, “Best Practices for Physicians Writing a Medical Exemption to Vaccination”.  At the conference Greg also moderated a panel for lawyers, “Vaccine Case Law & Precedent in the United States”, including NYU law professor Mary Holland.  Greg has been featured on Fox News advocating for Grayson Mobley, an honor student with straight A’s, who was denied the right to even mention God in his public high school science class. Greg was recently called a ‘human vaccine encyclopedia’ for his work with the litigation team opposing the UC’s mandatory flu shot. He is passionate about organic living and the Constitution. 

Ray Flores (Co-Counsel): Ray is a successful California litigator for natural food providers. He brings a dedicated passion for Constitutional freedom. Ray was recently acknowledged for his litigation support to Rick Jaffe and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. opposing the UC flu shot mandate, as well as his active and current role as co-counsel with Mr. Kennedy on the Aviles case in New York to challenge mandatory PCR testing in schools.